Phylion XH370-13J e-Bike Battery 37V 13Ah Wall-E (5-pins)

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The Wall-E SMART XH370-13J Phylion e-Bike battery is designed to be installed on the rear rack (luggage carrier). It has an output voltage of 37V and a capacity of 13Ah, and is suitable for a wide range of brands such as Keidler, Rebeneick, ANWB, Aldi, Puch and Peugeot. The XH370-13J Phylion battery is equipped with LED lights on the front that indicate the current charge level as well as an intelligent SMART battery management system (BMS). The XH370-13J is the successor of the older XH370-12J, XH370-11J and the XH370-10J models.


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How do I charge the XH370-13j battery?

To charge the battery you can use the 42V Phylion WALL-E SMART charger. Note that a non-SMART charger is not suitable for charging a SMART battery and vice versa. A 2A charger will charge this battery in approximately 6,5 hours. The average action radius on a full charge is 95km. Note that this depends on a lot of factors such as the road surface, incline (riding on an uphill), body weight, the current weather, tire pressure and much more.

Do I have the 2-pin or the 5-pin version?

This battery has 5-pins on the back side which are all required for the battery to function properly. We also have available for purchase a 2-pins version that looks exactly the same.

xh370-13j 2pin vs 5pin version

Do I have a SMART or a non-SMART battery?

The easiest way to know whether you have a SMART battery or not is to look at the four sockets in the middle on the back of your battery. If you see four metal pins inside, then you have a SMART battery, otherwise you do not. Quite often there is also a blue sticker on your battery that indicates a SMART battery.

smart ebike battery vs non smart battery

Is the XH370-13J Phylion suitable for my eBike?

There are no part numbers that you must check with this battery. The only thing you should worry about are the connectors. If the connectors fit, then you are all set!

The capacity of the XH370-13J

This battery has significantly more capacity indicated by the 13Ah (amps hours). If you have one of the older variants of this battery such as the XH370-12J, XH370-11J or the XH370-10J, then this battery will provide you with more power and a longer action radius on a single charge.

Data sheet

Battery technology LIION
Energy 481 Wh
Output voltage 37.00 V
Capacity 13 Ah
Position bicycle battery Luggage carrier
Color Silver
Application Electric bike
Suitable for brand Phylion
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