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e-Bike batteries for Impulse system

Are you looking for a battery that lasts a long time and makes it easy to travel long distances? Then an Impulse battery is the best choice for you. With an Impulse battery you can expect years of carefree cycling pleasure. Below you will find an overviewof all our Impulse batteries and chargers that are suitable for e-bikes with an Impulse electric motor.

Best Batteries for eBike Impulse systems| AZ Parts

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Features of the Impulse battery

Impulse batteries have been known for years as one of the best fietbatteries. The reason for this is that they are very easy to use. Due to their distinctive shape, they fit perfectly with the frame of the e-bike. In addition, the system of the Impulse battery has been developed in such a way that you can easily remove the battery and then install it again. This allows you to easily use your e-bike without much hassle and make the best bike rides.

Capacity of Impulse batteries

Impulse has batteries with different capacities. When your current battery needs to be replaced and you want to buy a new one, you can choose to increase the range of your e-bike. Impulse's batteries start with a capacity of 11Ah. These are especially suitable for someone who uses the e-bike especially for short trips. Do you want touse the e-bike intensively and make long bike rides? Then Impulse batteries with a capacity of 15Ah, 15.5Ah or 17Ah are most suitable.

With a larger capacity battery, the life of the battery will be longer. When charging, the battery deteriorates a little bit every time. We therefore always advise to fully charge the battery the first time and then only charge it when the e-bike is empty. Because of the different capacities impulse batteries you can easily choose the beste battery that meets your needs.

Range of Impulse batteries

Many brands use an Impulse battery in their e-bikes. The Impulse batteries are suitable for e-bikes from the brands: Gazelle, Kalkhoff, Raleigh, Focus, Rixe, Victoria, Bulls and Derby Cycle. The Gazelle Impulse battery is very popular with cyclists with a Gazelle e-bike. Just like the Gazelle Impulse battery, kalkhoff impulse battery is also very popular and is often sold. The Impulse 36V batteries can be easily attachedin the frame, making them easy to use for everyone. Many Impulse e-bike batteries have a handle that makes it even easier to attach and remove the battery.