Replacement Gazelle Impulse Silver Bicycle Battery 36V 8.6Ah

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The Gazelle Impulse has a powerful battery for long rides. Impulse batteries are placed on the rack and are easily removable. These batteries are suitable for the HMI bikes or Hybrid Mid Impulse e-bikes. The batteries that can be used are divided into silver, gold and platinum variants, the difference being noticeable in capacity and range.

Specifications Replacement Gazelle Impulse bicycle battery

  • Power: 312 Wh
  • Capacity: 8.6 Ah
  • Output: 36 Volt
  • Position: on the luggage carrier
  • Color: anthracite
  • 2 year warranty

Original Part Numbers / Manufacturer Codes

  • 998402500

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For which bikes is this replacement Gazelle Impulse bicycle battery suitable?

This Gazelle Impulse bicycle battery is suitable for the Gazelle Orange C7 HMI, C7 Hybrid M, Orange C8 HMI, C8 Hybrid M and Grenoble C7 Hybrid M models, among others.

Data sheet

Battery technology LIION
Energy 312.00 Wh
Output voltage 36.00 V
Capacity 8.6 Ah
Position bicycle battery Luggage carrier
Color Black
Application Electric bike
Suitable for brand Gazelle