Gazelle Panasonic Bicycle Battery Gold 36V 11Ah

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This Gazelle Panasonic bicycle battery has a power of 396 Wh, a capacity of 11 Amperes and is equipped with an output voltage of 36 Volts.

Features Gazelle Panasonic Bicycle Battery Gold

  • Energy: 396 Wh
  • Capacity: 11 Ampere
  • Output Voltage: 36 Volts
  • Position bicycle battery: luggage carrier

Original part number Gazelle Panasonic Bicycle battery Gold

This battery is suitable as a replacement for the original bicycle batteries with the part number 998401400.


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Gazelle Panasonic Bicycle Batteries

Gazelle has partnered with Panasonic for their Gazelle HF models. Thanks to the compact front wheel motor, you can easily cycle even without support. In addition, the Gazelle bicycles with the Panasonic system have a natural riding behavior and are very quiet. The batteries that can be used are divided into bronze, silver, gold and platinum variants, with the biggest difference being noticeable in the capacity and range.

Data sheet

Battery technology LIION
Energy 396.00 Wh
Output voltage 36.00 V
Capacity 11 Ah
Position bicycle battery Luggage carrier
Color Anthracite
Suitable for brand Gazelle