E-Bike Vision Bicycle battery Panasonic 26V 23Ah

Reference: P0946788
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This Compatible Panasonic bicycle battery from E-Bike Vision an excellent alternative to the original Panasonic battery. This battery features 583 Wh, a capacity of 23 Amps and an output voltage of 26 Volts. In addition, the battery can be charged with the original Panasonic charger.

Features Compatible Panasonic Bicycle Battery 26V 23Ah

  • Energy: 583 Wh
  • Capacity: 23 Amps
  • Output Voltage: 26 Volt
  • Position bike battery: seat tube

Original part number Panasonic Bicycle battery 26V 23Ah

This battery is suitable as a replacement for the original Panasonic bicycle battery with one of these two part numbers:

  • NKY224B02
  • NKY314B2

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Data sheet

Cell setup 7S8P
Cell type INR18650-M29
Battery technology LIION
Brand cellling Lg
Number of cells 56 Cells
Energy 583 Wh
Output voltage 26.00 V
Capacity 23 Ah
Position bicycle battery Seat tube
Height 9.99 cm
Width 9.99 cm
Color Silver
Length 13.18 cm
Application Electric bike
Suitable for brand Panasonic