E-Bike Vision Intube Battery for Bosch Active/Performance 461Wh Vertical

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High quality alternative

The intube batteries from E-Bike Vision are specially developed as a high quality alternative to the original PowerTubes from Bosch. All batteries are developed and manufactured in Germany and are subject to strict quality and safety controls.

Simply charge them with the original Bosch charger and read out the service tool from Bosch


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  • Power: 461 Wh
  • Capacity: 12.8 Ah
  • Output: 36.00 V
  • Position: In the frame


There are several variants of the Bosch PowerTubes; the 400 and 500 have the same dimensions and are interchangeable, for this the 461Wh from E-Bike Vision is an alternative.
The 625 is physically larger and can be replaced by the 630Wh from E-Bike Vision.

Finally, there are "horizontal" and "vertical" variants where the connection to the bike is shaped differently, this has to do with the placement and space in the frame tube. For that, compare the product picture with the original battery to make sure you have the right product.

The intube batteries from E-Bike Vision are dimensionally 1 to 1 interchangeable with the Bosch PowerTubes and therefore directly suitable for most bikes. However, due to the lack of thread, the cover for Gazelle Ultimate bikes cannot be mounted directly and will require a modification to the cover to fit these bikes.

Data sheet

Cell setup 10S4P
BMS type Smart BMS
Battery technology Li-ion
Number of cells 40 Cells
Energy 461 Wh
Output voltage 36 V
Capacity 12.8 Ah
Position bicycle battery In the frame
Height 8.40 cm
Width 6.50 cm
Color Black
Length 34.90cm
Suitable for brand Bosch