Gazelle Innergy Silver Bicycle Battery 36.5V 8.6Ah

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This Gazelle Innergy bicycle battery is a brand new replacement for the Innergy system. The battery features 8.6 amps, often rounded up to 9 amps. With this battery you can cycle as usual. This model has recently had an update, making it more resistant to moisture. The rear light is equipped with separate batteries for this reason. The indicator lights have been moved to the side of the battery. Physically, the battery has become slightly longer, but is compatible with previous versions. The battery remains rechargeable with the same charger.

Specifications Gazelle Innergy Silver Bicycle Battery 36.5 V 8.6 Ah

  • Power: 313.9 Wh
  • Capacity: 8.6 Ah
  • Output: 36.5 V
  • Position: Luggage carrier
  • Color: Silver
  • 24 Months warranty

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Please note that because some Gazelle Innergy bicycle batteries have a security feature, you may see an error message when you mount the battery or have cycled several dozen kilometers. The mentioned security is there to prevent the theft of the precious Gazelle Innergy bicycle batteries. You can remedy this by registering the battery at a local bike shop, this only takes a few minutes.

Data sheet

Battery technology LIION
Energy 313.9 Wh
Output voltage 36.5 V
Capacity 8.6 Ah
Position bicycle battery Luggage carrier
Height 6.3 cm
Width 12.00 cm
Color Silver
Length 39.00 cm
Application Electric bike
Suitable for brand Gazelle