E-Bike Vision Bicycle battery Bosch Classic 468Wh Frame

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This Compatible Bosch bicycle battery from E-Bike Vision an excellent alternative to the original Bosch PowerPack Classic battery. This battery features 468 Wh, a capacity of 13 Amps and an output voltage of 36 Volts.

Features Compatible Bosch Bike Battery 36V 13Ah

  • Energy: 468 Wh
  • Capacity: 13 Amps
  • Output Voltage: 36 Volts
  • Bike battery position: on the frame

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For which Bosch e-bikes is this battery suitable?

This Bosch PowerPack bicycle battery is suitable for 13 different Bosch Classic Line bicycles of the brands Bosch, Flyer, Sparta, Gazelle, Batavus, Kalkhoff, Trek, Riese & Muller, Koga, Giant, Raleigh, Pegasus and Stevens.

E-Bike Vision Compatible Bicycle Batteries

E-Bike Vision is a brand originating from a German battery company. It offers all kinds of alternative solutions to original batteries from its Gazelle Innergy line, as well as various bicycle batteries from Panasonic and Bosch.

Data sheet

Cell setup 10S5P
Cell type ICR18650-26J
Battery technology LIION
Brand cellling Samsung
Number of cells 50 Cells
Energy 468.00 Wh
Output voltage 36.00 V
Capacity 13 Ah
Position bicycle battery On the frame
Height 12.97 cm
Width 8.50 cm
Color Black
Length 29.58 cm
Suitable for brand Bosch